WCS2014 LCQ  Used my team


It was felt that a little challenging Beyond the Japan Cup, was mistaken the PT registration although when A can exceed the line rate of 1800.

I was beginning to think the PT from the entourage of the Pokemon have felt inkling that of the driving force of this challenging it is Hydreigon @ Choice Specs, epidemic of Zapdos also become a tailwind.

I started thinking from Gardevoir@Choice Scarf that can be tie from above further dragon to take over the Hydreigon and Aegislash good compatibility of vertical and horizontal Hydreigon first.

But it can not be said to be effective in Salamence@scarf, I was looking for a new Pokemon. However, this sequence was learned that Ally Switch is put out in the priority +1

It was decided to Kangaskhan the frame of the mega evolution and I think that it is able to be successfully intact Power-Up Punch Kangaskhan If you adopt a Ally Switch of Gardevoir.

And has been adopted SwordsDance Talonflame good compatible with the Ally Switch and can attack from the top of the opponent Kangaskhan.

I was worried until the day before departure is the frame of the Zapdos last but Would you like to Amoonguss.

Restraint to Trick Room team and water-resistant, support in Rage Powder is the benefit to adopt Amoonguss.

However, it is possible to obtain the advantage against Talonflame and damage to the Garchomp Mawile and Charizard Y the weakness of my team by adopting the Zapdos.

PT was completed by the anti forcibly Trick Room team adopted to the Roar Zapdos.

It has become a team high hit rate since there is only a Draco Meteor and Focus Blast Hydreigons moves deviating.

Kangaskhan@Kangaskhanite Ability: Scrappy → Parental Bond Nature: jolly
181-177 (252) -120- × -120-167 (252)
Return Power-Up Punch Fake Out Sucker Punch

It has been adopted in most of the game sites are also confident that mastered because it was mega evolution Pokemon, which has been a favorite for the longest time and since I started VGC2014 probably. It did not want to use other than the fastest Garura We do not want defeated in Kangaskhan vs Kangaskhan.

Talonflame@ sky plate Ability: gale-wings Nature: jolly
Tailwind Brave bird Swords Dance Flare Blitz
154 (4) -133 (252) -91- × -89-195 (252)

Not have used other than for the fastest mirror occurs frequently even this Pokemon. I was put tailwind and so as not to take over Talonflame+smergle and  Kangaskhan+smergle. I was praying and so that it is not exposed to still Kangaskhan+smergle because it was tight team.

Gardevoir@Sitrus Berry Ability:Trace Nature:Modest
Moonblast Psychic AllySwitch Heal Pulse
175 (252) - × -101 (124) -176 (116) -137 (12) -101 (4)
endure Shadow Ball of Aegislash endure Brave Bird of Talonflame@Choice Band endure Double-Edge of Mega-Kangaskhan

I thought it was not enter Psychic so team so strong in the Amoonguss, but was adopted because Psychic was considered to be strong against the Amoonguss and is very important if you use the Mega-Kangaskhan.
And I thought it's also effective in two of three(match game) without exception this Pokémon is thought to be a treasure trove of mine gimmick(First let down). I was troubled Mawile is about to put an encore or will-o'-the-wisp so team is not good, but It was adopted for Heal Pulse I wanted to recover the Mega-Kangaskhan using Power-Up Punch.
It was trouble in the merits of the case take away the Parental Bond love Intimidate or trace a case for Synchronize when subjected to a will-o'-the-wisp electromagnetic waves in the Ally Switch but Ability many patterns not effective to the recipient when you were Synchronize Thunder Wave and will-o'-the-wisp I decided ( Zapdos, Rotom, Sableye, Genga, etc.) to trace so.

Zapdos@Lifeorb Ability:Pressure Nature:Modest
Hidden Power(ice) Thunderbolt Roar Roost
197 (252) - × -105-179 (142) -110-135 (118)
Hidden Power(ice) one shot Garchomp Thunderbolt one shot H252Politoed Overtake fastest S70Pokemon

It is the frame that was suffering until the end, but it was to have lifeorb that can be raised in one shot of damage to the Mawile, the Garchomp and H252Politoed. To prevent Trickroom I adopted Roar. (The correct answer was a big as a result because there was this game that took the Roar in LCQ)

Hydreigons@ Choice Specs Ability:Levitate Nature:Modest
Draco Meteor Dark Pulse Flamethrower Focus Blast
168 (4) - × -110-194 (252) -110-150 (252)

Hydreigons is Firepower Pokemon and can beat in one shot the Charizard Aegislash Rotom and Zapdos. You can receive the skills that ghost flying in Gardevoir Parrying Gardevoir to the Ally Switch the dragon skills that flies.

Aegislash @ Leftovers Ability:Stance Change Nature:Modest
163 (220) - × -170- × -170-102 (172)
163 (220) - 170- × -203 (116) - × -102 (172)
Shadow Ball SacredSword wideguard King's Shield

I put the SacredSword and wideguard to see the thick mega Tyranitar axis. None the rest.

Only the contents that was roughly because I lost the match for LCQ log is as follows, I'm sorry

First round bye
2 round McDonald Kangaskhan Ampharos Aromatisse Ferrothorn ? ?
Winning and Roar at Zapdos
3 round luca Tyranitar Venusaur Aegislash Meowstic Hydreigon Zapdos
Wins and continues to beat the next upon standing Nyaonikusu
4 round Kangaskhan Talonflame Rotom(water) Garchomp Gardevoir Bisharp
Winning streak piling Power-Up Punch
5 round plasma (Japanese) Politoed Kingdra Ferrothorn Mawile Hydreigon Zapdos
Take the second race well luck losing Game 1 normally attempt. lose the losing at the same speed of the three game Hydreigon

About WCS

It was so much fun to say a word. We are planning to update the blog separately also what is a travelogue tourism or.

I think I was a photographer of gebebo(ryosuke kosuge) I was not player(This is Joke) , but next year I want to participate as a player of the Japanese national.

And I want to master the simple English that because i felt the inconvenience difference.

About VGC2014

First I was not really like VGC2014. However, to be able to understand the weak part of the Mawile and Kangaskhan and I was able to find a lot of Pokemon that have the potential among the small pool and or use the Charizard X and Murkrow sometimes.(Pachirisu has won actually)
In addition, we are longing that the new environment that can be tackled with enthusiasm from November comes.